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Grown from Real Plants

Ahiflower®, the complete and balanced plant-based source of Regenerative Omegas products, is truly regeneratively farmed. What does this mean? It’s about giving back more to the land than is taken out. It’s about protecting and enriching the soil, enhancing the environment, and using as little fertilizers or herbicides as possible, always within strictly monitored limits. It’s about making better decisions for nature such as providing for bees and butterflies. Ahiflower farming does all of this.

Promotes Soil Health
Regenerative agriculture focuses on restoring soil health by increasing soil organic matter, reducing soil erosion, and improving soil structure. Healthy soil can produce healthier plants with higher nutrient content, including omega-3 fatty acids. By using cover crops, crop rotations, and reduced tillage, regenerative agriculture can improve soil health.

Increases Ecosystem Biodiversity
Regenerative agriculture promotes biodiversity by creating habitats for pollinators and other beneficial insects. Biodiversity is crucial for healthy ecosystems and can improve plant health and productivity.

Reduces Environmental Impact
Traditional farming practices rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that can have a negative impact on the environment. Regenerative agriculture, on the other hand, relies on natural techniques that promote soil health and reduce the need for synthetic inputs. By reducing those synthetic inputs, regenerative agriculture can produce plants with a lower environmental impact.

Regeneratively Farmed

By farming regeneratively, by supporting soil health, and by providing the finest plant ingredients for your health and wellness, we are proud to help your body renew and recover every day — with Regenerative Omegas! Our oils are 100% traceable back to UK farms, have zero solvents, no GMO’s, no glyphosate, and are made freshly using only small batch, expeller pressing.