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What are omegas? 

“Omegas” are the healthy ‘hero’ fats that every cell in our body needs to hit their A game and perform best. The long name for omegas is ‘omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids’. The thing is, very few of us get enough omega-3’s in our diets because of all the industrial vegetable oils (like corn, soy, palm) in everyday foods which are very low in omega-3’s. We have to get omegas from our diets, as our bodies cannot produce these essential fats on our own. So boosting omega-3 intakes is smart — probably one of the smartest options for personal health and longevity! And who doesn’t want that?

How our bodies use omegas

Omegas are essential for supporting your heart, brain, immune, skin, joint, and gut microbiome wellness. How? They regulate and control many healthy cell functions. Our inflammation and immunity, hormonal balancing, nerve signaling, and tissue repair all need omegas. When these things happen in our bodies efficiently and cleanly, it improves how we look, move, and feel every day, notably as we age — just like well-oiled machines! It’s even more true for active people (kids, adults, seniors) who work their bodies more and for people going through immune or physical/mental stress. Yeah, we thought you could relate. 

Reasons to take omegas

Every cell in our body works to keep us going. But the everyday stresses on our immune, hormonal, and mental health, right into our skin, muscles and ligaments — it all takes a toll at the cellular level. Those stresses affect how our bodies renew, regenerate, and maintain our overall wellness. Omega-3 deficiency can include skin inflammation, gut-brain issues, slower post-exercise recovery, impaired immune response, and poorer cognitive performance. So why go there if you can regenerate daily from complete and balanced plant-based omegas? Regenerative Omegas provides some of the most essential building blocks so you and your family’s bodies can function vibrantly. Every day.